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Expander Flange Price List

Expander Flange

An expander flange is a type of flange that utilizes a wedge-shaped device placed between two mating surfaces to create an effective seal. It is particularly popular because it allows pressure containment and increased pipe length without welding. The wedge shape of the device allows it to be inserted into a prepared groove, providing both an axial and radial seal simultaneously, making installation quick and easy. This makes ASME b16.47 expander flanges ideal for any application requiring regular access or maintenance. Additionally, they are often used as repair products on existing flanged joints in pipelines and vessels due to their ease of installation and ability to increase pipe lengths.

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Expander Flange Price

Expander Flange type Expander Flange Price in India Expander Flange Price in USD Expander Flange Price in UAE Dirham
Stainless Steel Expander Flange INR 3614.38 / Kg USD $ 52.16 /Kg AED 191.59 UAE Dirham
Carbon steel Expander Flange INR 3431.44 / Kg USD $ 49.52 /Kg AED 181.89 UAE Dirham
Alloy steel Expander Flange INR 3208.31 / Kg USD $ 46.30 /Kg AED 170.06 UAE Dirham
ANSI b16 5 Expander Flange INR 2756.52 / Kg USD $ 39.78 /Kg AED 146.11 UAE Dirham
ASME b16.47 Expander Flange INR 2511.91 / Kg USD $ 36.25 /Kg AED 133.15 UAE Dirham

Please note this is an approx Cost of Raised Face Expander Flange in India. For final Stainless Steel Expander Flange price list please mail us.

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