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l-Line Sanitary Fittings Price List

l-Line Sanitary Fittings

I-Line Sanitary Fittings are specialized fittings used in sanitation systems. They enable a quick and secure connection for pipes carrying water, sewerage, and other fluids. The unique design of l-line sanitary fittings ensures the connection is tight and lasts for years. Unlike other pipe joining methods, such as welding or soldering, l-line connections do not require additional support points or devices to ensure proper sealing. This makes them ideal plumbing solutions when time and cost are of the essence.
Additionally, they can be quickly modified or removed from existing piping systems without damaging them due to their design flexibility. In addition to their strength and long-lasting seal, I-line sanitary fittings also promote cleanliness due to their smooth surfaces with very few sharp edges, preventing bacteria growth while inhibiting dirt buildup on the inside walls of a pipe system. The l-line sanitary fitting is one of the most reliable options available for fast installation in any home plumbing project!

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I-Line Fittings Price

Description Price list of I-Line Sanitary Fittings in India
Dixon Sanitary I-Line PTFE Gaskets – White US $1.14 – $55.40
13IS-2″ I-Line Clamp US $14.70
Dixon Sanitary I-Line EPDM Gaskets – White US $1.60 – $13.72
14WI Male Weld Ferrule, Short US $7.90
HDI-16A-14I Male End Cap US $12.67
Dixon Sanitary 13ILH Series Heavy-Duty Clamps US $17.94 – $100.15
Sanitary Stainless Steel 1-Line Ferrule Pipe Fittings US $ 2-10 / Piece
Dixon Sanitary 17-14I-14MP Male I-Line x Clamp Adapters 304 SS US $67.75 – $100.40

Please note this is an approx Cost of I-Line Sanitary Fittings Price in India. For final SS 1-Line Ferrule Pipe Fittings Price list please mail us.

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