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Sanitary Gasket Price List

Sanitary Gasket

Sanitary gaskets are a form of sealing material made from elastomeric rubber or thermoplastic used in the food and beverage, pharmaceutical, and biotechnology industries to create a seal between two surfaces. Sanitary gaskets have superior tolerance for high pressures and temperatures compared to standard gasket types. They are also designed to provide improved safety for employees using them due to their unique flexibility, non-toxicity, bacteria resistance, and chemical inertness, making them ideal for sanitary applications. SS Sanitary gaskets can be custom-designed with different shapes and sizes depending on the application requirements. Commonly available materials used for creating these seals include EPDM (Ethylene Propylene Diene Monomer), Silicone, Neoprene, Fluorocarbon (Viton®), Teflon®, GORE™-TEX Expanded PTFE & PTFE Envelope Gaskets etc. Depending on the application environment, these solid seals can come in several forms, such as O-rings or flat profiles like preformed round rings or rectangular sections as needed by each industry segment.

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Sanitary Gaskets Price

Description Price list of Sanitary Gaskets in India
Sanitary Stainless Steel 304 Ferrule and Ferrule Gasket US $ 0.5 / Piece
Sanitary Tri Clamp EPDM Gaskets for Valves US $ 0.07-0.1 / Piece
Sanitary PTFE Silicon Ferrule Gasket US $ 0.019-0.02 / Piece
Food Grade Sanitary 3″ Tri-Clamp Silicone Seal Gasket US $ 0.05 / Piece
Sanitary Valve Gaset Liquid Apart Fittings Filter Gasket Seal Ring US $ 0.1-10 / Piece
Sanitary Gasket for SMS Union  US $ 0.2 / Piece
8 Inch Sanitary Tri Clamp Type Ferrule Silicone Gasket US $ 0.85-1.2 / Piece
3 Pass Sanitary Plate and Frame Heat Exchanger Gasket Type US $ 330-12500 / Piece
Sanitary Tri Clamp EPDM Gaskets with Union US $ 3-5 / Piece
1.5″ 38.1mm Sanitary Tri Clamp EPDM Gasket US $ 0.3-1.2 / Piece
Sanitary Screen Ferrule teflon Gasket US $ 0.1-0.3 / Piece

Please note this is an approx Cost of Stainless Steel Sanitary Gasket Price in India. For final Sanitary SS 304 Ferrule Gasket Price list please mail us.

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