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Reducing Flanges Price List

Reducing Flange

Reducing flanges are an amazing type of pipe fittings used to join pipes of different sizes. They come in several different materials, such as stainless steel, iron, brass, and plastic, with varying face designs to suit individual needs. It is especially useful when transitioning from a large-diameter pipe to a smaller one without changing the entire piping system. A gasket and bolts surround the edges of two flange faces, which creates a tight seal when pressure is applied from both sides, ensuring its strength and durability under harsh conditions. This versatility makes ASME B16.5 reducing flanges perfect for wide-ranging industrial applications like pumps, boilers, and cooling towers!

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Reducing Flanges B16.5 Price

1 20 Flange 10″ 150 RF Reducing CS A/SA105  $28.76
2 50 Flange 12″ 150 RF Reducing CS A/SA105  $33.75
3 240 Flange 16″ 150 RF Reducing CS A/SA105  $61.00
4 60 Flange 24″ 150 RF Reducing CS A/SA105  $170.00
5 150 Flange 2″ RF Reducing CS A/SA105  $ 4.7
6 100 Flange 2″ 600 RF Reducing CS A/SA105  $8.5

Please note this is an approx Cost of Reducing Flanges in India. For final Raised Face Reducing Flanges price list please mail us.

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