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Socket Weld Flange Price List

Socket Weld Flange

Socket Weld Flange is a pipe flange designed for high-pressure and temperature applications. It consists of a circular groove around the circumference with one or more socket openings to allow the connection of two sections of pipe or fittings. The flange is connected to one end of the pipe using a welding process, which can only be done by a qualified welder. It offers excellent sealing capability and strength and creates an exceptionally strong, leak-free joint. ANSI B16.5 Socket Weld Flanges come in different sizes, materials and pressure ratings and are commonly used in industrial piping applications that require higher strength than slip-on or threaded flanges provide.

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Socket Weld Hub Flanges Price

Socket Weld Flange type Socket Weld Flange Price in India Socket Weld Flange Price in USD Socket Weld Flange Price in UAE Dirham
SOCKET WELD FLANGE 1/2 150 A105 INR 5,408 / Unit USD $ 76.49 /Unit UAE Dirham 280.95
FLANGES RF SOCKET WELD 150 XS INR 892 / Unit USD $ 12.62 /Unit UAE Dirham 46.34
FLANGES RF SOCKET WELD 300 XS INR 5,969 / Unit USD $ 84.43 /Unit UAE Dirham 310.10
FORGED LOW TEMP FLANGES 3/4 RF SOCKET WELD 300 INR 3,450 / Unit USD $ 48.80 /Unit UAE Dirham 179.23

ANSI B16.5 Socket Weld Flanges Price

Description Price Per Kg In Singapore Price Per Kg In UAE Price Per Kg In USD Price Per Kg In Malaysia
2-600 RF SCH 80 CARBON STEEL SOCKET WELD FLANGE SGD 21.60 UAE Dirham 56.40 US $15.60 MYR 68.40
150# STAINLESS STEEL FLANGES 2 SOCKET WELD RF SGD 8.62 UAE Dirham 22.51 US $6.23 MYR 27.30
1/2 150 SOCKET WELD FLANGE SGD 20.16 UAE Dirham 52.64 US $14.56 MYR 63.84
#300 1.1/2 SCH.80/XS FLANGE SOCKET WELD RF A105N FLANGE SGD 15.93 UAE Dirham 41.60 US $11.51 MYR 50.45
300 PSI 10 IN OD X 1-1/4 IN 8 EACH 3/4 FLANGE, 4 IN PIPE SOCKET-WELD IN HOLES 7-7/8 IN SGD 89.46 UAE Dirham 233.59 US $64.61 MYR 283.29

Please note this is an approx Cost of Socket Weld Hub Flange in India. For final Stainless Steel Socket Weld Flange price list please mail us.

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