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What is Expansion Bolt? Uses and Types

Expansion Bolt

Expansion bolts, also known as anchor bolts, are a type of fastener used to secure objects or structures into concrete and masonry walls. They consist of a threaded bolt with an attached expansion clip that expands when the bolt is tightened. Expansion bolts are incredibly versatile, with a range of uses in both residential and commercial construction projects.

What is Expansion Bolt?

An expansion bolt is a type of fastener that consists of a long metal rod with a clip at one end and threads at the other. It gets its name from the fact that when it is tightened, the clip pushes outward against the wall, forming a tight seal between the fastener and the surface it is attached to. This ensures that whatever is being attached remains securely in place, even under pressure or heavy loads.

Expansion bolts come in various sizes and lengths, depending on their intended use. They are available in steel, stainless steel, brass, aluminum, and other metals for increased durability and strength.

Expansion Bolt Uses

Expansion bolts have many uses across both residential and commercial construction projects. In homes, they can be used for mounting shelves or other items onto walls without damaging them or creating unsightly holes. In commercial settings, they can be used to attach signs onto walls or beams without the need for welding or drilling into hard surfaces such as concrete blocks or bricks. Additionally, expansion bolts can be used to mount heavy machinery such as air conditioners onto solid surfaces like concrete slabs without causing damage to either surface.

Expansion Bolt Types

There are several types of expansion bolts available on the market today; each type has its own distinct advantages depending on what you are attaching and where you will be attaching it. The most common types include sleeve anchors (which feature an internal sleeve that expands outward when tightened), wedge anchors (which have an expanding wedge-shaped body), drop-in anchors (which have an internal plug that expands outward when tightened), lag shields (which have external wings that expand outward when tightened), and self-drilling anchors (which feature sharp blades designed to cut through harder materials).


No matter what your project entails—whether it’s mounting shelves at home or securing heavy machinery in a commercial setting—expansion bolts offer an easy solution for installing strong fasteners into solid surfaces without damaging them in any way. With so many different types to choose from based on size and strength requirements, you’re sure to find exactly what you need for your particular project needs!

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