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How to Weld Titanium Exhaust?

How to Weld Titanium Exhaust?

Working with titanium requires a specialized approach and special tools. In order to get great results when welding a titanium exhaust, it’s important to understand the basics of welding titanium. Let’s discuss what you need to know in order to weld titanium exhaust properly.

Use the Right Tools and Materials

When welding titanium exhaust, you will need the right tools and materials for it. It’s important to use a TIG welder that is designed for use with titanium. You’ll also need argon shielding gas for this process. Argon helps protect the weld from contamination, which is essential when working with titanium due to its sensitive nature.

Prepare the Workpiece

Before you begin welding, you’ll need to properly prepare your workpiece. This means thoroughly cleaning it so that any oils or dirt are removed from the surface before welding begins. You’ll also want to make sure all edges are smooth even before starting your welds so that they create strong bonds without any gaps or weak spots.

Weld Properly

When welding titanium exhaust, it’s important not to overheat the material as this could cause warping or crack in the welded area. To avoid this, keep your base metal at 600 – 700 degrees Fahrenheit while welding and never exceed 1600 degrees Fahrenheit on any one spot during welding. Additionally, make sure you keep a steady hand, as any wobbling could cause weakened spots in your welds which can lead to leaks later on down the line.


Welding titanium can be time-consuming and require specialized tools, but if done correctly can offer great results that last for many years! Proper preparation, understanding of the process involved, and using the right equipment can help ensure success when tackling projects like these! By following these tips; you should be able to confidently weld your own titanium exhaust system with ease! If you’re still unsure or are looking for more information about how to go about tackling such a project, then there are plenty of resources online that can help point you in the right direction! Good luck!

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