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Types Angle Globe Valve and Their Uses

Angle Globe Valve

Angle globe valves are an essential component of any pipeline system. They are an efficient valve designed to control fluid flow in a piping system. The angle globe valves are highly beneficial for pipelines that experience high-pressure drops, as they can restrict the system significantly. However, choosing the right angle globe valve is essential to ensure the correct functioning of the overall system. This expert guide will deeply dive into the types of angle globe valves available in the market and their uses.

Types of Angle Globe Valve 

The Straight Pattern Angle Globe Valve:

This type of valve is suitable for applications in which the pipeline has a high-pressure drop or for applications in which the valve is installed close to the pump. The straight pattern angle globe valve allows for better flow control and can handle higher pressure drops. The straight pattern angle globe valve is commonly used in steam service.

The Y-Pattern Angle Globe Valve:

A Y-Pattern globe valve is designed for services requiring high flow capacity, where the pressure drop across the valve is relatively low. Unlike a straight pattern valve, this valve is ideal for systems that experience turbulent or high-velocity fluid flows. Y-pattern angle globe valves are commonly used in steam service and have a lower cost of maintenance when compared to straight pattern valves.

The Angle-Pattern Globe Valve:

The Angle-pattern globe valve has a 90-degree bend in the body, providing an L-shaped path for fluid flow. These valves are mostly used for applications where a lower-pressure drop or fluid flow needs to be controlled. The angle-pattern globe valve suits slurries, steam, and gas applications.

The Bellows Angle Globe Valve:

The Bellows angle globe valve is ideal for applications with hazardous fluids and gases. It is built with a flexible metal component known as bellows, which prevents the fluid from coming in contact with the valve stem, thus preventing any leaks. The Bellows Angle Globe Valve also applies to steam service and performs well under high pressure.

The Stop-Check Angle Globe Valve:

The Stop-Check angle globe valve is perfect for applications that require a combination of shut-off and regulated flow control. Additionally, these valves allow for the flow of the medium in one direction and prevent reverse flow. The Stop-Check Angle Globe Valve is commonly used in power and water treatment plants.


Angle globe valves play a vital role in regulating fluid flow in pipelines. Proper installation of the right type of angle globe valve ensures the performance of the system operating under pressure seamlessly. This expert guide has explored the different types of angle globe valves available in the market and their applications. Understanding your application’s correct type of Angle Globe Valve will allow you to achieve optimal system performance, reduce maintenance requirements, and minimize operational costs.

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