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Types of Tee Pattern Globe Valve and Their Uses

Tee Pattern Globe Valve

Valves are essential to a piping system, and their selection is crucial to ensure smooth operation. One of the most commonly used valves is the Globe Valve. It regulates fluid flow in a pipeline, and its performance depends on the chosen pattern. In this blog post, we’ll explore the different types of Tee Pattern Globe Valves and their uses to help you make an informed decision.

Straight Tee Globe Valve:

This type of Tee Pattern Globe Valve has a straight body and bore through the valve. It is widely used in pipelines that require a linear flow of fluids. Its design reduces pressure drop compared to other valves, making it ideal for pipelines with high flow rates.

Angle Tee Globe Valve:

The Angle Tee Globe Valve, the Y-pattern globe valve, has a 45-degree angle between the inlet and the outlet. This design is particularly useful in piping systems where the piping is at a 45-degree angle or when the fluid needs to change direction. The angled body of the valve reduces the pressure drop, making it ideal for pipelines where pressure drop is critical.

Cross Tee Globe Valve:

The Cross Tee Globe Valve has four ports, making it perfect for applications where fluid mixing is required. It is commonly used in chemical processing plants, where two different fluids must be mixed at a controlled rate. The Cross Tee Globe Valve can also be used in pipelines that require diverting or mixing fluids, making it one of the most versatile valves in the market.

Three-way Tee Globe Valve:

The Three-way Tee Globe Valve has three ports and controls the flow of a single fluid in two separate directions. It is commonly used in HVAC systems to allow the heated or cooled fluid to enter either the hot or cold section of a building. Its simplicity of design and ease of maintenance make it a popular choice in many industrial applications.

Four-way Tee Globe Valve:

The Four-way Tee Globe Valve has four inlet or outlet ports and can combine two inlets or outlets into two outlets or inlets. It is used in piping systems that require a fluid diversion, allowing fluid flow through one of two routes. It is a flexible valve that can be used for various applications, making it a popular choice in many industries.


Choosing the right Tee Pattern Globe Valve is crucial for smooth operations in a fluid system. Straight Tee Globe Valves offer reduced pressure drop, while Angle Tee Globe Valves are useful for changes in direction in piping systems. The versatile Cross Tee Globe Valve is used for blending or diverting fluids, while the Three and Four-way Tee Globe Valves offer more complicated flow control. Each valve has strengths which can be tailored to suit specific applications, making them useful in various industrial, commercial and domestic settings.

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