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5 Types Of Natural Gas Valves and Their Uses

Valves are the essential components which is used to manage flow movements, isolate and protect devices, and also in the process of guiding and directing the refining of raw oil. In the Oil and Gas industry, the valves are an essential part of piping applications in every sector, which are making the process smoother. Valves have many types and categories, but here is the list of suitable valves for the Oil and Gas industry.


Types Of Natural Gas Valves

Butterfly Valves

A butterfly valve is employed to regulate, stop, and start the flow. This quarter-turn rotary motion valve rotates the handle at 90°, which can completely close as well as a start. It makes it able to use in the oil and gas industry. Butterfly valves are used to modulate different types of media with low-pressure loss. The valve has an actuator, and with a small thickness, it is suitable to use anywhere. With the availability in larger diameters, these valves are convenient to use in large pipes. With quick open and close activities, these valves are offering high reliability and require little maintenance.

Control Valves

As the name indicates, the control valves are utilized to control the flow as per the process requirements. It has two main parts, such as the sliding stem and the rotary motion. This valve provides process control of the flow, temperature, and pressure in the oil and gas industry. Control Valve is controlled by pneumatic, hydraulic, or electrical signals of a controller. This valve is automatically operated remotely without an operator with regular monitoring and changing. The benefits of this valve are making them perfect for the Oil and Gas industry.

Globe Valves

Globe valves regulate the flow in the pipeline and also control the throttling flow. This valve has an arrow marked on the body, which shows the direction, and it needs to be installed according to it. Globe valves are perfect for isolation and making every application easier in Oil and Gas industry. These valves are easy to install due to their merely machined valve seats. Globe valves have a tight shut off ability, which offers simple linear motion for a quick open and close action.

Ball Valves

Ball valves are easy to regulate the flow of high-pressure liquids and gases with minimal pressure loss. These Valves are prompt to open and close with a tight seal. Easy operation, restoration, and versatility allow them to use it in various locations. Ball Valves has a long life and also offers safe operation in critical functions, which makes it perfect to use in the oil and gas industry.

Check Valves

Check valves are beneficial to limit reverse flow within the pipes and also reduces the losses that occurred in these situations. The use of Check valves helps to guard pumps and devices against getting damaged by backflow. These valves have a low-pressure loss, and it helps to increase energy saving. By minimizing chatter within the pipes, these valves are suitable for many applications in the oil and gas industry.

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