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What is Pivot Washer? Properties, Uses and Application

Pivot Washers

If you need a reliable fastening solution, consider using pivot washers. These small yet powerful components have various uses in various applications. In this blog post, we will explore pivot washers’ properties, uses, and applications. So, whether you are an engineer, DIY enthusiast, or just curious about pivot washers, this post is for you.

What is Pivot Washer?

A pivot washer is a specialized fastener used to secure two components in an assembly. It has a large circular head with four radiating slots and is made from metal or plastic. It provides 360-degree contact surfaces between the two components, increasing stability and security during use. The pivot washer also helps minimize vibration and improves the overall lifetime of the assembly.

Pivot Washers Properties:

Pivot washers are made of various materials, including plastic, steel, and copper. The washer is designed to have a smooth inner diameter with a raised outer edge. The outer edge has a groove designed to securely hold the washer in place. Pivot washers come in different sizes, depending on your needs, and have varying hardness to accommodate different pressure levels.

Pivot Washers Uses:

Pivot washers are versatile and can be used in different applications. One of the primary uses of pivot washers is in electrical switchgear. They are used in the pivot assembly of switches to prevent the rotary motion from overloading the switch. Pivot washers are also used in various mechanical applications such as machine tools, hinges, and clock mechanisms, to name a few. The washer can also be used to reduce friction by providing a smooth surface between two surfaces that are in contact.

Pivot Washers Applications: 

Pivot washers are widely used in different industries and applications. For example, in aerospace, pivot washers are used in aircraft engines to support and secure the rotating parts. In the automotive industry, pivot washers are used in shock absorbers, engine mounts, and suspension systems. Pivot washers are also used in medical devices such as prosthetics and dental equipment.

How to Use Pivot Washers:

To use pivot washers, you must first determine the size and hardness needed for your application. Once you have selected the appropriate pivot washer, place it on the surface that needs to pivot. Ensure that it is seated firmly in the groove to prevent it from slipping out of place. Once in position, you can rotate the pivoting part while the washer remains stationary between the moving part and the fixed surface.


In conclusion, pivot washers are a great solution for many applications thanks to their versatility, reliability, and strength. They are easy to use, require little maintenance, and withstand various pressure levels. Whether you need to reduce friction, secure rotating parts, or prevent overloading of your switchgear, pivot washers are a great option. Now that you know more about pivot washers, consider using them in your next project or application.

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