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Advantages and Disadvantages of Laser Cutting.

According to the latest requirements, the machine also changes its size as required. In the cutting industry, CNC cutting plays an important role in cutting various types of materials as required. Recently, laser cutting has surpassed traditional methods and gained popularity in the cutting industry.
Laser cutting is one of the modern technologies that use lasers to cut into various materials. Initially, laser cutting was widely used in industrial production. However, it has also become popular and used by small businesses, schools, and many other institutions. It uses a high-power beam to cut materials according to computer-controlled parameters. Now let us look at the advantages and disadvantages of laser cutting technology.

7 Advantages of Laser Cutting-

    • It is capable of cutting a wide range of materials and thicknesses.
    • This makes it easier to fix the workpiece in the desired position.
    • Compared with traditional scissors, the laser cutting process can be easily completed in a shorter time, and the accuracy is extremely high.
    • There is no contact between the workpiece and the tool, reducing the risk of material contamination.
    • Laser cutting technology is used to cut a variety of materials, such as wood, plastic, rubber, ceramics, and some metals.
    • Laser cutting is an incredibly versatile technique that allows you to cut more complex designs in one go.
    • The laser cutting process is simply controlled by a computer program, which greatly reduces labor costs.

7 Disadvantages of Laser Cutting-

    • Generally, laser cutting technology has high energy consumption.
    • Using laser technology to cut plastic parts can be very expensive because plastic generates gas when heated.
    • So a laser cutting company in East London needs a well-ventilated facility, which is expensive.
    • Metals such as copper, brass, and aluminum cannot be cut using laser cutting technology.
    • A wrongly tuned laser can even cause burns.
    • Maintenance and testing require manual intervention. If workers come into contact with the laser beam, it may even cause burns.
    • One of the advantages of laser cutting is the ability to cut different materials. At the same time, the material will melt during the thermal cutting process, resulting in the release of gas and dangerous vapors.

Due to some minor shortcomings, laser cutting quality cannot be achieved by any other available methods. We have a wealth of experience and are a professional laser cutting company based in London that can provide you with solutions that suit all your cutting needs.

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